American Standard Garbage Disposal Review: ASD-1250

american standard asd1250 garbage disposal review

American standard is a brand name that each and every household of America will be aware of. Especially when it comes to top of the line appliances to make working in your kitchen much easier. They have been able to get a strong hold on their market presence and the America Standard ASD-1250 is definitely one of the mainline garbage disposal projects that is driving sales. There are a lot of features that are loaded into this very device that makes it the optimum choice for a garbage disposal especially for domestic and commercial establishments.

This review will cover the key aspects of the American standard ASD-1250 and will definitely help you make a choice on whether to buy the waste food disposer or not.

American Standard Garbage Disposal Review

American Standard Garbage Disposal Review ASD-1250
SpecificationsAmerican Standard
Series NameASD-1250
Height (inches)15.5
Voltage (Volts)115
Grinding Speed (RPM)2800
Disposal Horsepower1.25 HP
Grind Chamber Capacity (oz.)32
Grind Chamber MaterialStainless Steel
MotorPermanent Magnet Motor
Noise LevelUltra-Quiet (Refer below)
Dishwasher Drain ConnectionYes
Warranty10 Years
Garbage Disposal Noise Levels


  • Easy install, quiet operation, and come with the power cords unlike other brands.
  • Extremely powerful motor
  • Removable Splash guard
  • Special odor protection technology which prevents bacteria-caused odors.
  • Magnetic guard as disposer protection


  • This higher-powered 1 1/4 HP unit does have a little humming sound.

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Top Garbage Disposals Comparison Table

1. American Standard ASD-1250
1.25 HP
2800 RPM
15.5 inches
32 oz.
10 yrs.
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2. Waste King L-8000
1.0 HP
2800 RPM
16 inches
32 oz.
20 yrs.
Check Price
3. Moen GXS75C GX Series
3/4 HP
2700 RPM
13.4 inches
30.8 oz.
5 yrs.
Check Price
4. InSinkErator Evolution Excel
1 HP
1725 RPM
12 inches
40 oz.
7 yrs.
Check Price
5. InSinkErator Badger 5
1/2 HP
1725 RPM
11.5 inches
26 oz.
3 yrs.
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Why We Recommend the American Standard ASD-1250

There are a lot of advantages that you are offered with when it comes to buying products from a brand like American standard and the one that tops the list is the durability in the products that they have to offer in the market. Each and every product has the durability stamp of the company and that is why there is a reputation for the garbage disposal products from them, especially the American Standard ASD-1250. Talking about the ASD-1250, the device comes with a state-of-the-art powerful motor, that gets the job done with a lesser noise output which is quite favourable in food disposers these days.  The American standard ASD-1250 also comes with stainless steel grinding components making sure that your product lasts longer.

The ASD-1250 also comes with an interesting magnetic flange to help prevent metallic foreign wastes to get into the grinding chambers. As a whole, the American Standard ASD-1250 is loaded to the top and will definitely get the job done for you.

American Standard ASD-1250 Torque Master Kitchen, Garbage and Food Waste Disposer, 1.25 HP with Bio-Shield and Silver Guard

There are a lot of features that the American Standard ASD-1250 comes with and it is definitely important to know the features under the spotlight before you even buy the product.

1. Stainless Steel Grinding Components

The integral component for any garbage disposal is grinding part and that is where all the action happens. The main point to take away with regard to the grinding components is that all the components that are integrated into the grinding chamber are made out of stainless steel. We have also prepared our list of best stainless steel garbage disposal make sure to check it out.This very material will prevent the grinding components from rust and also make it durable enough to withstand the pounding it takes with grinding food waste. The stainless-steel component will also ensure the long life of the product and you definitely would not have to run continuous maintenance on the device with this component in it.

2. Powerful Motor

Every under sink garbage disposal that we take into consideration needs to have enough power to grind through the waste that is tossed into it and that is where the American Standard ASD-1250’s motor comes into action. The ASD-1250 is coupled with a powerful 1.25 HP motor that is probably something unique from what other competitors have to offer in the market. The 1.25 HP motor is rather more powerful for a kitchen sink setup, but it is definitely going to get the job done with lesser efforts and torque.

Speaking about the speed, this American standard 1.25 HP waste disposer can reach up to a maximum speed of 2800 RPM. With a shaft speed so high, there are a lot of parameters that you need to consider and the one that lies on the top is the speed with which the food gets grinded. With the top speed of the shaft reaching about 2800 RPM, you will also not have to worry about jamming as there is nothing as perfect as 1.25 HP motor running at a speed of 2800 RPM to grind the toughest of toughest food materials. The biggest advantage is also that the motor can never be over run past its capacity and that means that you don’t have to worry about running down the motor.

3. Reduced Noise

Noise is definitely a cause of concern for many customers who venture out to buy garage disposals. No one wants to add up to the already existential noise in the kitchen and American Standard definitely pulled off big with the American standard ASD-1250. While there’s no denying to the fact that being the powerful garbage disposal that it is, there’s going to be some noise associated. If you really want the noise low so much that it factors into your decision making, you could consider marginally less powerful options like the Insinkerator Badger 5 or the popular Waste king L 8000. Both of these do a remarkable job at keeping the operational noise pretty low.

The noise damping levels of this device and compared to the price valuation that it is available in the market; it does a pretty good job in keeping the noise low. American standard replaced the standard insulating casings with some clever engineering of the whole device to make sure that there is only minute vibration when it is under operation and this makes sure that the noise is contained within the limits.

4. Magnetic Flange

We all know that we are bound to find a few pieces of materials that are not destined to be grinded by a food disposer, but however those little pieces somehow find their way in. Well, the problem is these particles can cause damage to the grinding components chipping of fragments of the stainless-steel components and within a period of time, you are left with a damaged food disposer. While there are remedies to fix a leaking food disposal, they won’t work if any of the grinding components are damaged by a metallic piece.

American Standard made sure that the ASD-1250 does not face such problems and they went ahead with installing a magnetic flange that will attach itself under the sink. This will make sure that not many particles get into the grinding chamber and your device is safe from damage.

5. Generous Warranty

Well when it comes to any product in the American market or any other market around the globe, consumers look forward to the warranty. Well the American Standard ASD-1250 comes with a 10 Year limited warranty and that means that you can definitely get a 10-year long usage out of a $99 investment. The warranty is definitely going to cover damages unless and until you try to dump the food disposer with materials that are not destined to be used in a food disposer.


The feature sheet of the American standard 1.25 HP ASD-1250 comes loaded and you can definitely get your food disposed the right way. There are also a generous number of extra safety and convenience features that are packed into the device to make sure that you have a long-life product. The disposal makes for an easy installation and fits well with standard popular kitchen sinks. The best part is that all this comes under a $100 investments tops and this is quite the catch when you compare it with other products in the same price range.

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  1. I have had this disposer for over 2 years. This is the worst disposal ever made. About every 6-8 months it clogs up and won’t drain. The recommended solution is to put ice cubes into the disposal, run water and turn on the disposal. This usually works, but it will take 4-8 tries to get it cleared out. Just a complete waste of time. No other disposal has ever required so much maintenance. Can’t wait until this thing just dies so we can replace it with a more dependable unit. I will NEVER buy American Standard products again!

  2. Just installed my 1250 under my sink but was disappointed that there was no straight discharge line of 12 inches to reach the drain line under the other sink and no way to find out if one is available. Have not had time to evaluate its performance.

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