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best garbage disposals to buy in 2022

When thinking of the most important elements of a kitchen with an elegant farmhouse sink, few of us would name the humble garbage disposal. Yet, if you’ve ever lived in a home without one, or had yours break down, you suddenly appreciate all that it does.

No, a garbage disposal isn’t a necessity like a refrigerator or an oven, but it does make doing dishes much less gross—no scooping food bits out of the drain catch, and no cleaning clogged U-traps of debris that slipped past. Especially, if you’ve put some effort into selecting a high-end farmhouse kitchen sink. You don’t want to have your farmhouse sink clogged almost half the time, do you? Entirely beats the purpose of having a classy kitchen work area, if that happens to be the case.

A farmhouse sink with garbage disposal is the solution you’re looking for. It makes for a combination that brings together elegance and functionality! Of course, a farmhouse sink garbage disposal is only useful if it works well. A sub-par garbage disposal for farmhouse sink can cause more problems than it solves in the form of septic backups and plumbing complications. So, how do you pick the best garbage disposal for farmhouse sink? You read reviews!

Let’s look at the best farmhouse sink garbage disposals on the market in 2022 so that you can pick the perfect one for your home. We’ve prepared segmented guides featuring short disposals for tight cabinets, ones that are septic-friendly and disposals that are known for quiet operation. We’ll explore an array of important aspects you’ll want to consider before making your decision, including silencing technology, motor power, grinding components, ease of installation, additional features, and more.

Comparison Table

Product Power RPM Height Noise Capacity Warranty
1. InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal 1.0 HP 1725 RPM 13.5 inches Ultra Quiet 40 oz. 10 yrs.
Check Price
2. Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal 1.0 HP 2800 RPM 16 inches Quiet 33 oz. 20 yrs.
Check Price
3. InSinkErator Evolution Esstn XTR Garbage Disposal 3/4 HP 1725 RPM 12.3 inches Quieter 34.6 oz. 9 yrs.
Check Price
4. Moen GXS75C GX SeriesGarbage Disposal 3/4 HP 2700 RPM 13.4 inches Standard 30.8 oz. 10 yrs.
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5. InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal 3/4 HP 1,725 RPM 12.1 inches Quiet 34.6 oz. 8 yrs.
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Best Garbage Disposal for Farmhouse Sink – Reviews

1. InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal

  • Backed by an industry-leading company
  • Quiet yet effective
  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Anti-jam technology
  • Easy installation
  • High price point

No conversation about the best farmhouse sink garbage disposer is complete without mentioning InSinkErator. While the name is light and humorous, the products come with serious power. The company’s Evolution Excel series with continuous feed is no exception.

Self-proclaimed as America’s #1 Disposer Brand, InSinkErator’s garbage disposal has a long list of merits to back up its claims. First, the company installs more garbage disposals in American homes than all other brands combined. Second, its diverse catalog ensures you can unquestionably find a kitchen disposer that meets your needs and specifications.

The Evolution Excel is a one-horsepower garbage disposal with a continuous feed that meticulously combines power with performance. Each disposer has a Dura-Drive induction motor that ensures the blades cut through any solid matter. In fact, there are three blades with Multi-grind technology, including jam assistance. We’ve dived deeper on this in our in-depth InSinkErator Evolution Excel Review

While the InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal touts strength, it can also be whisper quiet. The company cites the device as the quietest disposal on the market thanks to advanced noise reduction materials. The key to its quiet operation is the Sound Seal technology, which has provided professional-grade noise control for commercial and residential purposes since 1978. 

Evolution Excel garbage disposals come with a seven-year parts and service warranty. The 40-ounce stainless grind chamber has the durability that promises homeowners cleaner kitchens for years, if not decades, to come. Plus, there is a LeakGuard liner that mitigates any chance of leaking or lost pressure. Stainless steel garbage disposals are consistent with their performance and are rather durable as compared to other inferior options. 

The bottom line is this: the InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal is one of the best garbage disposals, period. It is easy to dismiss the product because the price tag is high, but the investment here is not only an investment in your home but also in yourself. Thanks to InSinkErator’s industry-leading innovations since 1927, consumers can rest assured knowing they have a product that will stand the test of time.

2. Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

best garbage disposal waste king
  • Affordable
  • 20-year warranty
  • Easy installation
  • Impressive power rating
  • Questionable durability

Waste King has produced garbage disposals for more than five decades. Whether you need a residential or commercial disposer, for small or deep sinks, for undermount or farmhouse sinks. You can likely find the solution in Waste King’s inventory. One of the highly rated models for the company is the Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord.

Let’s start with the installation. Novices and professional plumbers will have no problem putting in this device. The sink food disposer comes with an EZ Mount, which lets you quickly twist-and-lock it into place. Plus, all the necessary hardware to complete the installation comes with the delivery.

Once you have it in place, you can take advantage of the Waste King’s one horsepower motor. The stainless-steel blades harness the power of energy-efficient magnetism for performance that is swift and smooth. There are even impellers that minimize the chance of jams. We’ve done a detailed review of the Waste king L-8000 to give you a better understanding of it if it intrigues you. 

The L-8000 delivers some of the highest power of any Waste King model. The 2,800 revolutions per minute, not only top the company catalog but also are among the best sink disposal rates in the industry. The high-speed motor guarantees you have the force necessary to tackle any size of food scrap.

Waste King also makes sure to incorporate thoughtful design into its products. That includes a manual reset button that shuts off in case of a jam or overload. Additionally, there is a removable and replaceable splash guard that simplifies the cleaning process.

Waste King’s L-8000 is a valiant challenger to InSinkErator models and costs a fraction of the price. While the track record for durability is not bulletproof, this disposer is worth your consideration. When it comes to buying outside of InSinkErator or Kitchen Aid, the L-8000 is as good as it gets. 

3. InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR Garbage Disposal

  • Backed by an industry-leading company
  • Excellent value for money
  • Whisper-quiet performance
  • Twist-on easy installation
  • High price point

If you are purchasing a garbage disposal for the first time, InSinkErator is the place to start. The company is one of the leading brands in the industry and has nearly a century-long history of innovation and ingenuity. The InSinkErator Evolution Essential XTR Garbage Disposal is one of the company’s latest breakthroughs.

Everything on this device is built to last. That starts with the durable parts, including alloy stainless steel grind components. Add in the stainless-steel finishing, and it is easy to see why it is one of the most reliable models in the business.

InSinkErator also includes the company’s two-stage Multi-grind technology. Any food waste must go through a series of rotating blades that repeatedly break down scraps into manageable bits. The garbage disposal will even cut through chicken bones and coffee grounds, thanks to a Dura-Drive motor. This is a notable upside for InSinkErator disposals in comparison to their archrivals, the WasteKing.  

The Dura-Drive induction motor delivers ¾ horsepower performance when you need it most. Even while it tears through food scraps, the garbage disposal will be quiet as a whisper. This InSinkErator uses Sound Seal products to minimize noise when the Evolution Essential XTR is operating at full tilt.

Perhaps as important as anything mentioned above is the simple and straightforward installation process. The garbage disposal has a Quick-Lock mount, which is compatibility with all standard and premium InSinkErator models. All you have to do is twist off the old disposer and twisted on the new one.

It’s natural to love the performance and value from the Evolution Essential XTR. The product is one of the best food disposal products in the InSinkErator catalog. No matter the size of your family or home, the advanced technology, and high-performance merit consideration on any shopping trip.

4. Moen GXS75C GX Series ¾ Horsepower Garbage Disposal

  • Easy to install
  • Removable power cord
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 2,700 rpm
  • Moderate noise level

Moen’s emphasis on quality and style is on full display with the GX Series ¾ Horsepower Garbage Disposal. It has a sleek and slim exterior that will fit neatly under any kitchen sink. Plus, the delicate vertical ribs provide a secure grip when you install or clean it.

The GX Series features a 2,700-rpm motor that finely grinds down any scraps. The fast action grinding technology is swift enough to handle everything from melon rinds to vegetable peels. Plus, the Vortex motor has a permanent magnet inside to ensure efficient and effective disposal.

Moen includes Soundshield insulation inside the garbage disposal to mitigate as much noise as possible. The technology is specifically designed to deaden any sound emanating from the pipes. While it does not reach the same low volume as its competitors, Moen’s soundproofing is above average. We’ve done an in-depth review of Moen GXS75C GX Series to give you a clear idea of the product.

Additionally, Moen makes life simple when it comes to installing the garbage disposal. There is a pre-installed power cord as well as a Universal Xpress Mount system to streamline the process. The set-up fits with a majority of three-bolt mounting assemblies thanks to a twist-and-lock mechanism.

There are plenty of other features that make the Moen GX Series ¾ Horsepower Garbage Disposal appealing for amateurs and professional plumbers alike. That includes the continuous feed, septic tank compatibility, and decades of company history backing up its performance. It also comes with a five-year limited warranty with in-home services.

This model is one of the best garbage disposals from Moen. It delivers top-of-the-line motor capacity with reliable galvanized-steel grinders. Even though it doesn’t stand shoulder-to-shoulder with InSinkErator models, it comes with a price tag that is more than 50 percent less.

5. InSinkErator Evolution Compact Household Garbage Disposal

  • Backed by an industry-leading company
  • Easy to install
  • More affordable than many InSinkErator models
  • Four-year warranty for parts and labor
  • Slightly louder than other InSinkErator options
  • Compact—may be more prone to clogs than larger units

It is impossible not to talk about InSinkErator when it comes to garbage disposer reviews—it is the third we’ve covered so far, after all. The company has dominated this list like LeBron James has done in the NBA. The InSinkErator Evolution Compact Household Garbage Disposal is a shining example of its quintessential performance redesigned into a compact shell.

The Evolution Series is InSinkErator’s most advanced line of garbage disposal. The company engineered the products for seamless disposal, whether you are getting rid of food scraps or melon rinds. It is one of the many reasons why InSinkErator produces more garbage disposals for residential and commercial use than any other manufacturer.

The magic of the disposal system begins with two-stage Multi-grind technology. Its grind components come with stainless-steel alloys to provide the reliability and force necessary to break down the hardiest foods into fine particles. There is also Sound Seal technology, which is exclusive to InSinkErator products, to ensure a near-silent disposal process.

The Multi-grind components operate with a Dura-Drive motor at their back. The ¾ horsepower motor provides long-lasting grinding power to get rid of food in a matter of seconds. InSinkErator also includes a LeakGuard Liner to preserve the longevity of the product’s components.

Additionally, InSinkErator takes pride in effortless installment for its entire garbage disposal inventory. The Quick-Lock mount is compatible with standard and premium models in the company catalog. Just twist off the old garbage disposal and twist on the new one before enjoying it.

The InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal is a smarter and faster alternative to other available options. The fine-grinding technology and quiet performance deliver the essential features of any outstanding garbage disposal. Plus, each device comes with a century of company innovation behind it that ensures high quality for the length of the warranty and beyond.

Garbage Disposal For Farmhouse Sink – Buying Guide

Modern kitchens are all equipped with one of the major necessities of today – a kitchen sink disposal. Wonder what our sink would look like without one? A clutter of scrap, and a smelly one at that too, all because there’s no disposal system to properly drain out the waste leftovers on our dishes after eating off them, or the waste generated from veggie peels while cooking. Alternatively, it may even become a pool of foul-smelling water!

Well, thanks to the presence of one, we can now have a stench-free and pool-free kitchen. But with a multitude of options available in the market, how do we go about buying one? This is why we’ve detailed this buying guide to help you with making an informed and economical decision.

What is a Garbage Disposal and How Does it Work?​

Simply put, garbage disposals are one of the handiest ways as your very own food disposer in your kitchen. Of course, there’s a trash can conveniently placed in nearly every kitchen (or at least at an easily accessible area around it) but sometimes it isn’t enough. This is where a garbage disposal steps in.

A trash would only hold what you chuck inside it; how about the stuff you accidentally forget in the fridge and has been shoved at the back since we don’t know how many days? It turns smelly and then you would even hesitate chucking it in the bin!

Besides, a garbage disposal is extremely handy and is designed to make cooking a simpler and comfortable process for you. How many times do you have to keep hopping back and forth the trash can from the kitchen to throw vegetable peels or other waste into it? Now with a garbage disposal, you can literally shove it all down the sink! Yes, it may sound weird but it’s actually a lot better, convenient, and hassle-free if you think about it. You merely need to get the spray head out of your modern pull-down faucet and wash away crumbs through the drain hole of your sink and your waste is taken care of.  

  • You generally tend to throw down waste into the disposal almost spontaneously while cooking, i.e., it’s already happening intuitively at some level
  • It’s a lot cleaner to do so because that’s one scrap item lesser going into your bin – and leaving them outside, stray cats or dogs would poke less frequently through the bins looking for treats
  • They work great for the environment too – research shows that food waste generated from homes and deposited in municipal sewage systems through the means of garbage disposals can prove to be a highly effective resource to be used in biogas harvest.

How to Decide if a Garbage Disposal is a Good Investment for You?

Well, the benefits of buying and installing one in your kitchen way outscores its cons (if any). Like any product in the market, there are always pluses and minuses of using it but what we need to remember here is that every household has a different situation; different kitchen space dimensions, and also varied requirements. Based on the following factors, you may very well decide if a garbage disposal is worth having.

1. Amount of food waste generated

If you generally love cooking and spend most part of your day trying out new things, or are the one who loves sharing your creations with your loved ones too (throwing dinner parties frequently), then you possibly would be generating a significant amount of food waste in your kitchen. Now, chances are also high that this waste unconsciously and often out of force of convenience goes down the kitchen drain more than into the dustbin.

 What does it do lying around in the sink – it starts throwing out a pungent stench (often unbearable the very moment you enter into the kitchen). This is why garbage disposals can be a handy and resourceful tool for your home.

2. Dimensions of Kitchen Sink Space

Now a garbage disposal would need to be fitted beneath the kitchen sink so that whatever is shoved through the drain can be effectively disposed where it needs to. Before deciding to buy one, you’d need to make sure whether your kitchen dimensions allow for adequate space to get one. Most stainless steel sinks are designed to fit standard garbage disposals and won’t require lengthy installation bouts. 

3. Are Garbage Disposals Noisy?

This might be of concern to you if you’re particularly sensitive to noise. It’s important to note here that nearly all garbage disposals generate a small amount of noise while in operation. However, some can be louder than their other counterparts. So you might want to check which one can be less noisier for your ears. As a rule of thumb, garbage disposals with powerful motors tend to make more noise. But sometimes these noises are caused due some object trapped inside the garbage disposal. Such instances may cause a distinct rattling noise that shouldn’t be considered as a fault in the disposal itself. 

4. Better option than landfills

Saving the environment tagline has always been doing the rounds. Yet another time to take a leap towards that goal. Sufficient research proves that disposing off kitchen waste in garbage disposals is definitely a better option than leaving them to rot in landfills where it impacts the environment negatively.

A research on food waste published on revealed that treatment of food with in-sink grinding (ISG) ranks higher than the one chucked in landfills, where it can have potential effect on the climate, energy, and on soil productivity too.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Garbage Disposal

Now if you really have made up your mind on investing in one, the choice isn’t going to be easy. You’d find hordes of options in the market and it’s easy to be misled if you aren’t well informed on the subject. So here go some key pointers for your better understanding:

1. Continuous vs. Batch Feed

There are two main types of garbage disposals out there. The continuous feed garbage disposals enable easy passage of food waste through the sink drain and into the grinding chamber, almost uninterruptedly. These disposals are solely controlled via a remote switch. The batch feed disposals however function only when there’s a drain cover present. This means that any extra scrap cannot enter the grind chamber without removing the drain cover and turning off the disposal. Discover more about them in our continuous vs. batch feed disposals roundup

That said, it’s worth noting that the latter might present itself as a rather inconvenient option for waste disposal, there are certain safety advantages associated with it too.

2. Noise Levels

As discussed above, the noise produced by your garbage disposal is also an important factor to consider when thinking about how to choose a garbage disposal. The two main concerns in this regard are the grinding noise and vibration sound produced from the disposal.

Most disposals today are generally attached to the sink via a heavy rubber gasket or union, designed to reduce vibration.

Besides, certain high-end models might enclose a drain cover filled with insulation to deaden the sound. You might want to check your available options if you don’t like or are sensitive to such noises. Ask the store for disposals with specific noise-reducing features.

3. Horsepower

Another of the significant concerns when buying a garbage disposal for your kitchen. As discussed earlier, if you tend to generate more of kitchen waste in a day, you’d need a disposal with a considerably powerful motor to do the job well.

 This means that you’d have to look up the horsepower specification of your disposal before picking one. Consider first how much horsepower would your disposal require to handle daily waste load effectively.

  • A small apartment with a family of 1-3 members would be best off with a disposal of 1/3 or ½ the horsepower
  • A slightly larger family of 4-6 members would need ¾ of the horsepower
  • You’d need a disposal of 1 horsepower at least to deal waste from a family of 7-9 members, and
  • A 2 horsepower garbage disposal would be able to support more than 9 members effectively. This one’s also ideal for commercial use.

Now what’s worth considering here is that while a smaller horsepower disposal may not be exactly sufficient to meet the needs of an average family of 2-4 members; a larger one with 2 horsepower might be unusually powerful than required in an average household. Again, your decision would depend on your individual requirement and individual waste load generated too.

As mentioned earlier in this post, if you throw parties more often, you’d be more comfortable using a more powerful garbage disposal. However, if aren’t a big cooking fan, then a low-powered model should do the job for you.

5. Garbage Disposals Sizes

They come in different sizes too which you may want to consider while buying one. A bigger-sized disposal would definitely have more space to house a powerful motor and a strong spin too. However, kitchen sink space (rather under the sink space) can often be of concern here. Not to forget, big disposals generally tend to be noisier too.

Then smaller disposals like the InSinkerator badger 5 may be compact to conveniently fit around but may not be suitable to handle even a 1 horsepower motor.

Final Thoughts – How Good are They?

A garbage disposal may not be an essential part of kitchen operations, but it certainly makes things easier. It ensures everything from meal prep to after-dinner clean up goes smoothly. Regardless of brand or model you choose, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before committing to a purchase.

Foremost, focus on a top-quality motor and fine-grinding components. These are what deliver the power and performance that makes clean up possible. Meeting this prerequisite may increase the price tag of the model you choose, but putting your money behind durable and high-quality parts is a worthwhile investment.

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