Best Garbage Disposals for Septic Systems

best garbage disposal for septic systems

You probably have your own septic tank, especially if you live away from a centralized septic system located in the city. If that’s the case, you must be wondering if you could introduce a septic safe garbage disposal to your septic system. This isn’t an issue for most; you’d have a rather tough time in finding the best disposal for a septic system in a market that’s flooded with options. This guide aims at helping you narrow down your choices and settle for nothing the best pick for your specific needs. 

An under-sink farmhouse sink garbage disposal system is a necessity in a common US household with a classy-looking farmhouse sink, but many believe that having the same installed with a septic tank may cause certain issues. However, this popular opinion has been scrapped, for all the concerns depend on the size of the unit. 

Having garbage disposal for septic systems allows users to dispose of garbage without making a mess. The unit mulches the garbage into fine particles which are then put in the septic tank. So, if you are looking to install the best garbage disposal for septic systems, this article is for you! 

Comparison Table

Product Height Power RPM Noise Capacity Warranty
1. InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist Household Garbage Disposal 12.5 inches 3/4 HP 1725 RPM Quieter 40 oz. 8 yrs.
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2. Moen GXS75C Host Series Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal 13.4 inches 3/4 HP 2700 RPM Standard 30.8 oz. 5 yrs.
Check Price
3. Waste King Legend Series Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal 16 inches 1.0 HP 2800 RPM Quiet 33.5 oz. Limited lifetime
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4. Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord 13.7 inches 3/4 HP 2700 RPM Quiet 33.5 oz. 8 yrs.
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5. General Electric GFC520N Continuous Feed Disposal 12.6 inches 1/2 HP 2600 RPM Standard 27 oz. 2 yrs.
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Best Garbage Disposal for Septic Systems

1. InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposal

InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist Household Garbage Disposal for Septic Systems
  • Heavy built
  • Quieter than most garbage disposal systems
  • Though placed under the sink. It does not vibrate quite a lot
  • The unit is easy to install
  • Very powerful septic tank
  • The product is quite hefty and takes a lot of space under the sink
  • The septic take bottle leaks blue fluid when touched

Though all your garbage produced at home might be septic-tank friendly, this particular product assists in the quick garbage disposal. Thus reduces the workload to a great extent. This particular garbage disposal system uses a Bio-Change mechanism, which is basically an injection of microorganisms that help in the easy breakdown of the garbage!

Powered with advanced SoundSeal Technology, this disposal unit is super-quiet. If this virtue is your primary requisite; consider picking a septic-friendly disposal from our compilation of the quietest garbage disposals. Additionally, the powerful ¾ hp dura-drive induction mechanism and the 2-stage multi grind technology handle food-scrape with utmost power. The InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist is fast, smarter, and cleaner. Not only with the disposal, but the system also helps with the meal preparation and keeps the kitchen clean with its great application. 

This particular product comes with an amazing easy swap installation process. It is very fast and easy to change the garbage disposal with other different tanks, all thanks to the patented Quick Lock mount. The Quick-lock functionality fits very well with the InSinkErator model. Be it a standard or a premium evolution model, these features come with all, and one can operate it by a simple twist on and off. This makes the InSinkErator Evolution the best garbage disposal with septic systems.

2. Moen GXS75C Host Series 3/4 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Moen GXS75C The Best garbage disposal with septic systems
  • The installation process is not very complex
  • The system does not generate a lot of sounds
  • Since inner clips are not installed within the product, it does not smell
  • Rubber trap installed between the sink and disposal to trap items like spoons from slipping away
  • The unit is well constructed and looks aesthetically sound
  • Not a very quiet unit
  • Does not come with the proper attachment for old fashioned houses 

As much as you may love having people over, cleaning after them, is one big pain! However, with the Moen GXS75C Host Series 3/4 HP Continuous-Feed Garbage Disposal, you need not worry about a thing for it can clean up all the mess in a jiffy! This particular system offers a powerful grinding feature with about 2,700 RPM and a ¾ horsepower Vortex motor which grinds food scraps into small bits and aids to keep the system smooth and unclogged. 

The unit is also designed for sound reduction and is designed with SoundSheild and other sound dealing insulations. The garbage system can be swapped very easily and can fit in existing assemblies. It comes with installed power cords, features a compact design, is lightweight, and the installation process is not that complicated.

Additionally, unlike other garbage disposal systems in the market, it does not take up a lot of space under the sink. However, the system must be used with an ideal sized septic tank. Once mulched, the garbage can be sent to the landfills or be used as an eco-friendly option at home! Refer to the complete review here

3. Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Waste king The Best Garbage Disposal for Septic Systems
  • The unit is super quiet
  • A very powerful unit that mulches apple cores in 3-5seconds
  • The product comes with a life-long warranty
  • Being made out of stainless steel, the unit has no corroded elements
  • Powered with great chopping skills
  • Is a tad bit difficult to install
  • Power cord difficult to remove  

The Waste King Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal comes with a 1 HP, 2800 RPM permanent motor that does not produce a lot of noise and does not jam. The EZ mount that is provided with the unit makes way for quick installation under the sink. Additionally, it comes with easily removable splash guards that make way for easy and effective cleaning. 

Don’t fret about your electrical expertise to install this garbage disposal system; it comes with pre-installed electrical cords and does not require any additional electrical work for installation. This is common in the L-8000 and 9980. The best part about the product is that it is quite lightweight, being made out of stainless steel. The disposer can work continuously once mounted. It usually comes with a wall switch, which must be turned on for it to work. 

This system can also be used in addition to a septic tank, given that the size of the tank is compatible with this unit. The Waste King disposal system also has a manual reset button that shuts the system down in case there is an overload or if there is a rare jam. The easy-mount that comes with this unit has a twist-and-lock design and makes way for fast and easy installation. It can also be used to dispose of the sink in the kitchen. 

Additionally, all the hardware necessary to set up this unit is provided by the company, thereby eliminating the need for the user to buy any additional items. A 32-inch power cord is also included in the set. All the user requires is a screwdriver hammer, adjustable pliers. 

4. Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 3/4 HP

Waste King L-3200 The Best Garbage Disposal for Septic Systems
  • The unit does not make a lot of noise
  • Ideal for DIY installation
  • Does not take a lot of space under the sink
  • The 1/2 HP motor is very strong
  • Rubber damper installed with the unit reduces vibrations
  • A design fault in the elbow and the gasket
  • Support brackets are plastic made 

Unlike the other garbage disposal systems sold in the market, the Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal with Power Cord, 3/4 HP is quite lightweight and compact. It has a 7-3/4 inches diameter and is 13-3/4 inches long. However, don’t let its lightweight and portable design fool you, for this is a very powerful garbage disposal system. The unit comes with a /4 HP, 2700 RPM motor, sound insulated and does not jam. 

The unit is super easy to install and cleaning the same is not a big deal either. The EX Mount of the system makes it easy to install the unit under the sink and is also easy to clean; The Waste King also features a manual reset button that can be resorted to if there is system overload. Additionally, in case of a rare jam, this button can be pressed. The system is either activated by the wall-mounted switch which makes waste disposal a continuous process or a sink mounted air back switch which works till the system is shut down. The system features stainless steel grinding components for ensured durability (View more garbage disposals with stainless steel components). 

The unit comes with all the required electrical cords pre-installed and thus requires no additional electrical work. Made completely from stainless steel, this lightweight, powerful garbage disposal system comes with a staggering 8-year warranty plan. Such extended warranty periods are a signature of waste king disposals. Discover more on their menu in our waste king garbage disposal reviews

5. General Electric GFC520N Continuous Feed Disposal

General Electric The Best Garbage Disposal for Septic Systems
  • Small and compact than most HP sink grinders
  • The installation process is smooth
  • The unit does not produce a lot of noise
  • Comes with all required seals and gaskets required for installation
  • The unit does not produce any excessive vibration
  • At some times it clogs
  • Drain made out of plastic and is smaller in size.

The General Electric GFC520N Continuous Feed Disposal includes a ½ horsepower continuous garbage disposal stainless steel flange, a wall switch, dishwasher draw connector, and a sink stopper. The unit is super easy to install and comes with an adapter kit. The unit is powered by a powerful grinding system which is backed by a 1/2 HP Motor. The motor hosts maximum speed very quickly so that the food does not jam the turbo. 

The disposal unit comes with an angled fin pimp that forces the water down in full blast to ensure that the drain remains clean and clog-free. The unit is super easy to install, and a simple 3-bolt mount adapter kit is included within the set to make the installation process easy. The 2600 RPM makes way for fast, fine, and quick grinding of particles. Additionally, the steel blades are galvanized, which makes the entire chunking process quite smooth. 

Finally, the unit has been constructed very thoroughly, and thus it provides a two-level precutter along with an on/off wall switch and also comes along with a sink stopper. In addition to having all the features installed to make the disposal process easy ( jam-resistant blades, manual-rest button, splashguard) the unit includes cold-rolled carbon-steel armature shaft elements. 

Buying The Best Garbage Disposal For Septic Systems – Guide

What Makes A Garbage Disposal Septic-Friendly?

A garbage disposal grinds the food particles into a fine paste for the septic tank. These are fine particles from the first layer at the bottom of the tank. Disposal manufacturers opine that garbage disposals are ideal to be used in septic tanks. However, some people think the opposite. The safety of clubbing these two units depends on the size, age, type, and power of the disposal unit. One might require to level up the size of the septic tank to make way for food waste. 

Most garbage disposal units come with varied power ratings which range from ⅓ hp to 1 hp. As a rule of thumb, the efficiency of the unit increases as the power goes up. The size of the septic tank requires special attention. If the disposal unit is not compatible with the tank size, then the result might be quite disastrous. Finally, the type of enzymes selected to help in the decomposition process must also be looked into. As a rule of thumb, anything other than food particles should not be used in a disposal system with a septic tank. 

Advantages of Installing A Garbage Disposal With Septic System

1. Easy to Clean

When there is a garbage disposal system installed, it is easy to scrape small amounts of food from under the sink instead of carrying plates to the trash to dispose of them. This pumps up the cleanup process and makes it much easier and smoother. Since the scrape foods are going straight to the septic tank through the disposal unit, making a mess of the kitchen floor can also be avoided.

2. Economic in Long Run

Most garbage disposal systems these days are compatible with septic tanks, and turn out to be a good investment in the long run. Plus, if one is aware of the basic plumbing, the installation process becomes easy, and no additional assistance is required. The system requires low maintenance, and if used correctly, they can run for years without any major breakdown.

3. Pipe Protection

A garbage disposal system does not allow food particles to build up and clog the pipes in the long run. A garbage disposal system grinds the food particles and feeds it directly to the septic tank, thereby protecting the pipes. 

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Garbage Disposal for Septic Systems

1. Size

garbage disposal height

Depending on the size of the septic tank, the size of the garbage disposal system has to be adjusted and selected. For instance, if the tank is small, then it is inadvisable to opt for a disposal unit that is too big. If such a unit is installed, one won’t be able to flush a lot of waste every time they use it. However, too big a unit does lead to space constraints under the sink (that is where a garbage disposal unit is generally installed). The best thing to do is finding a compact or workable-sized unit that generates the same level of processing power as a large unit without having a big tank. We’ve separately compiled a list of compact garbage disposals that are ideal for deep sinks

2. Motor Power and RPM

Suggested HorsePower Garbage Disposal based on Family Size

The speed and the size of the motor help in the easy and smooth management of the waste put into the disposal unit. For instance, if the motor installed in your system pulverizes the food at a very high speed, then it would generate less waste and operate effectively as the general rule of thumb, the higher the power of the motor, the greater the efficiency of the unit. Generally, the motor power of a disposal unit varies between ½ HP to 1 HP. Ideally, if the disposal unit is to be used with a septic tank, the motor power should be half horsepower or 2600 rpm.

3. Septic-System Ready

Garbage Disposal for Septic Tanks

While searching for the garbage disposal system for septic tanks, make sure to buy one that says compatible with the septic tank by the manufacturer. There are some units in the market that do not have this distinction and thus must be avoided. On the flip side, certain septic tanks are tailor made for septic tanks and not for regular plumbing. Such units come hand-tied with a bio-pack so that the food particles can get a microorganism to cleanse every time the device is used. Ths setup automatically makes the system a lot smoother and makes way for efficient breaking down of the particles. 

4. Feed Type

BatchFeed vs Continous Garbage Disposal Feed Type

Feed type refers to the frequency of disposal in the unit. Generally, there are two types- continuous feed and batch feed garbage disposals. Though most people opt for the continuous disposals since it is smoother, more efficient and easier to use; batch type feeding is more suitable for a disposal unit that is compatible with a septic tank. In this model, one has to seal the disposal unit when it operates. Once this is done, the user does not have to run the disposal every single time the food is tossed in. That means one can reduce the amount of water that goes into the unit too. The batch feed works best if one has a smaller system. 

5. Noise Level

SoundSeal technology

It has been noted through multiple surveys and reviews that users these days prefer a quiet garbage disposal unit. This applies greatly to households that have kids and pets in it. Loud garbage disposal units can scare them. Additionally, such a system interrupts the ongoing conversation and generally makes people anxious. Additionally, these are difficult to clean up. But noiseless does not mean one has to compromise on the power. Many disposal units these days come with sound-insulated padding. The grinding chamber absorbs all the vibration generated much before they can reach the top of the counter. There are multiple noiseless units available in the market with great reviews. 

6. Installation

Garbage Disposal Installation

While hunting for a garbage disposal for septic system, its installation facility must be looked into. Though the installation process does not directly contribute to the garbage disposal and its septic tank functions, having easy installation criteria in place is a major benefit. A complicated installation process can even get experienced plumbers confused. To that end, it’s ideal for searching for a septic-safe garbage disposal that offers the DIY installation process with the use of minimum tools. Additionally, a well explained, easy to understand installation guide is a must. Finally, if the lines of the unit are not compatible with the standard plumbing lines, check if it does offer patented installation hardware.

7. Warranty

garbage disposal warranty

Most garbage disposal systems, whether it’s septic tank friendly or not, offer a 1-year warranty. However, that is the base level, and you need not settle for this. There are companies that offer 8 years even 10-year warranty on their models. As a rule of thumb, as the warranty years increase the price of the unit also increases. Most of the warranty provided with these units are home warranty. That means one does not have to take the disposal unit to some other place for servicing. All of it is done at home.


Finding the ideal septic tank garbage disposal unit is not easy. One has to research a lot to find out a unit that is suitable for the household in every way possible. Though it makes the lives of the housemates easy, makes cleaning hassle-free, but if the right unit is not selected, it can cause some serious malfunctioning when connected to a septic tank. 

However, with all the information listed above, finding one of the best garbage disposals for septic systems that fits your needs will not be an issue.

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