How to Fix Loud Rattling Noise in a Garbage Disposal?

how to fix loud rattling noise in a garbage disposal

A garbage disposal is one of the most common tools or devices that are installed in a modern kitchen. Such garbage disposals are highly handy for disposing of food or any other extra waste. And since these are installed in the kitchen sink, using them is quite easy.

But there are a lot of cases where you might face a noisy garbage disposal situation. This could mean that you have a loud garbage disposal installed in your home. Some may even describe it as “garbage disposal sounds like grinding metal inside it”. This can be quite frustrating every time you put some waste inside the garbage disposal and it starts making noise.

Generally, this issue is caused due to a hard object trapped inside the garbage disposal that is not being disposed off by the disposal. Not only that, but if there is some fault with its mechanism, you might hear garbage disposal making clattering noise.

Thankfully, fixing such issues is not that hard as there are many DIY solutions you can try out. In fact, we have mentioned various possible causes of loud garbage disposals as well as their fixes in this article. So, if you are also facing garbage disposal making humming noise issues, make sure to follow this article until the end.

What’s Causing the Noisy Garbage Disposal Rattling?

What’s causing the Noisy Garbage Disposal Rattling

Before taking a look at the possible causes of the garbage disposal sounds like grinding metal issues, you should know the internal working of a garbage disposal and how it handles waste. Whenever you throw something down the drain, it goes through the garbage disposal installed in your kitchen.

Then, the grinding components present inside the garbage disposal are often made from stainless steel and grind everything into small pieces to easily get rid of it. Generally, this mechanism works just fine even if you throw down some hard object down the drain.

But sometimes, you might face the noisy garbage disposal rattling sound due to primarily two cases. This can be caused either due to some hard object inside your garbage disposal or loose and broken garbage disposal components. In order to differentiate between these two cases, you have to simply check the sound coming out of your garbage disposal.

If the sound is quite loud and similar to objects striking something, this is generally caused due to some hard object that went inside your garbage disposal. Such an object can be made out of metal that is not grindable by your garbage disposal. If that is also the case with your garbage disposal, fixing it should be as easy as simply removing it from your garbage disposal.

Although, if the sound coming out of your garbage disposal is quite mild and similar to some rattling object, then it is most likely caused due to some loose part inside your garbage disposal. This can be any grinding component or any other part that has come loose or broken down due to wear and tear over a long period of time.

In such a case, there is not much that you can do except for calling in professional help or getting your garbage disposal replaced altogether. This is due to the reason that garbage disposals are a bit complicated in terms of their functioning. Thus, finding the right replacement parts is not an easy task. Instead, you will have to buy a new one for your kitchen. You can select one from the comparison table below. These are some of the best garbage disposals available today.

1. American Standard ASD-1250
1.25 HP
2800 RPM
15.5 inches
32 oz.
10 yrs.
Check Price
2. Waste King L-8000
1.0 HP
2800 RPM
16 inches
32 oz.
20 yrs.
Check Price
3. Moen GXS75C GX Series
3/4 HP
2700 RPM
13.4 inches
30.8 oz.
5 yrs.
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4. InSinkErator Garbage Disposal
1/2 HP
1725 RPM
11.5 inches
26 oz.
3 yrs.
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How to Remove an Object from a Loud Garbage Disposal?

For those of you who are hearing grinding metal sounds from their garbage disposal, it is most likely a case where a hard object has made it inside your garbage disposal. This may either be a piece of metal, broken glass or bone. In this case, you can remove such an object from your garbage disposal. But in order to do this, you have to follow a certain procedure.

At first, you have to disconnect your garbage disposal from any power source before working on it. Then, you can try using a vacuum in your drain and pulling the hard object up using the vacuum’s suction. If that does not work, you can try using an allen wrench at the bottom of your garbage disposal and moving the nut back and forth to move the masher plate that can dislodge any stuck object. But if even that does not work, your last resort is to completely remove the garbage disposal, open it up, and manually remove all hard objects inside it. To further avoid such inconveniences, it’s advisable to only throw soft non-sticky kitchen discards down the garbage disposal. If you haven’t been paying attention to it, what you put down your garbage disposal has a lot to do with its longevity.

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