InSinkErator Badger 5 vs Badger 500 vs Badger 5XP

badger 5 vs badger 5xp

InSinkErator has made a prominent place among its customers with its revolutionary Badger series. It is the strongest and the most popular range of Insinkerator garbage disposal units. The three major models of this series are Badger 5, Badger 500, and Badger 5XP. However, there lies some confusion among customers regarding these three, given the hot discussion around Insinkerator Badger 5 vs 500.

Badger 5 Vs Badger 500; Are They One and the Same?

The two models Badger5 and Badger 500 both are the same. There may be a slight difference in prices. Badger 500 is the costlier model between these two. Apart from that, both of them have exactly the same specifications—make, size, power. The warranty period is also three years for both.

The differences exist in the name. Badger 500 is available to purchase from the offline stores. It is the HomeDepot version. Badger 5 can be acquired only through online mode. Because badger 500 can’t be acquired through online, the price is little higher compared to Badger 5. If this solves your query, you may go on to check our in-depth review of the InSinkErator Badger 5 garbage disposal before purchasing it for your sink.

Badger 5 vs Badger 5XP

The Similarities

Same design—Both of these models have the same design.

Same chamber capacity of 26 oz—the chamber capacity of both Badger 5 and Badger 5XP is the same.

Feed Type— Food wastes can be added continuously to the grinding chambers of both the models. Because Badger 5XP and Badger 5 both sport the feature “continuous feed type disposals”. Checkout our other top picks for the best garbage disposals with continuous feed systems.

Motor type and speed— The garbage disposal units come with Dura-Drive induction motor. The motor has a high speed of 1725 RPM.

Replaceability—Badger 5 and Badger 5XP can be easily replaced with each other.

Material—The grinding component of both Badger 5 and Badger 5 XP is prepared from galvanized steel. It is extremely sturdy and durable. The material is justified for the price but you may still find some garbage disposals with stainless steel grinding components in the same price range.

Range of Accessories—Both of them come with the same set of accessories.

Price—Both Badger 5 and Badger XP are budget-friendly.

Size—Although differing in dimensions, yet both of these models are quite small when compared to the other household garbage disposal units available in the market.

Power Cord—In both of them, the power cord does not remain included.

Noise Level—As both of these models are continuous feed models and not batch feed models; it produces sound during operation.

Installation—Both Badger 5 and Badger 5 XP do not have any hazard regarding installation. They can be easily installed.

Household size—Both are compatible for 2-4 persons.

Mount System—Both these models have a quick-lock mounting system.

The Differences

Power—Badger 5 runs on ½ horsepower induction motor while Badger 5 XP garbage disposal unit runs on a stronger ¾ horsepower unit.

Height and Weight—The height of Badger 5 is 11.5”. Badger 5 XP is a little bit taller with the height of 12-5/8”.

Sound—The noise level is slightly more with the Badger 5 XP model than the Badger 5 model.

Handling of wastes—As the motor of Badger 5 XP is more powerful when compared to the Badger 5 model, the handling of the food wastes is noticeably better with Badger 5 XP than its counterpart.

Warranty—The updated warranty period for Badger 5 is limited to 3 years. Badger 5 XP comes with a 4-year warranty period.Ø  Motor protection—For the Badger 5XP model, the manual reset overload system is applicable for motor protection. This application s absent in the Badger 5 model.

Badger 5 vs 5XP

SpecificationsBadger 5Badger 5 XP
Feed TypeContinuous feedContinuous feed
Motor TypeDura-drive Induction MotorDura-drive Induction Motor
Motor Speed1725 RPM1725 RPM
HorsePower Rating1/2 HP3/4 HP
Grinding Component MaterialGalvanized SteelGalvanized Steel
Power CordNot IncludedNot Included
Household SizeCompatible for 2-4 peopleCompatible for 2-4 people
Mounting SystemQuick-lockQuick-lock
Grind Chamber Capacity26 oz.26 oz.
Warranty3 years4 years
Motor ProtectionNoneManual reset overload

InSinkErator Badger 5 – Compared to Other Bestsellers

1. InSinkErator Badger 5
1/2 HP
1725 RPM
11.5 inches
26 oz.
3 yrs.
Check Price
2. Waste King L-8000
1.0 HP
2800 RPM
16 inches
32 oz.
20 yrs.
Check Price
3. Moen GXS75C GX Series
3/4 HP
2700 RPM
13.4 inches
30.8 oz.
5 yrs.
Check Price
4. InSinkErator Evolution Excel
1 HP
1725 RPM
12 inches
40 oz.
7 yrs.
Check Price
5. American Standard ASD-1250
1.25 HP
2800 RPM
15.5 inches
32 oz.
10 yrs.
Check Price

Verdict—Which Should You Buy- Badger 5 or Badger 5 XP?

This choice lies entirely on the customer or user. the motor capacity of Badger 5 XP is better. Because of this, the performance is also better than the Badger 5 model. So, if you want a garbage disposal unit with better capacity, Badger 5 XP would be the choice. Otherwise, you can opt for Badger 5. Both of these models of InSinkErator are equally competent and are easily replaceable with each other. Except for minor differences, both Badger 5 and Badger 5 XP are very sturdy and durable with fine grinding technologies. In either case, it will not be a loss for you.

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