Quietest Garbage Disposal Reviews (2022)

Quietest Garbage Disposal

One of the most significant changes across the majority of American kitchens reveals the increasing popularity of garbage disposal units. Because of their importance and functionality, garbage disposals have gradually become an indispensable part of the household. But, one chief drawback of the device is its annoying noise production while functioning. However, recent developments and researches have created household garbage disposal units that are silent. This write-up will discuss in detail some of the quietest garbage disposals. It focuses on the critical selling-points of some really quiet garbage disposals on the market.

The selections featured below also happen to be the favorite of countless first-hand users across the states. These disposal units are well worth their costs and justify their price points with unmatched functionality. You may continue to browse the list if getting the quietest garbage disposal is your top concern. Alternatively, you may refer to our rather diverse list of top picks for the best garbage disposals farmhouse sinks.

The Best Quiet Garbage Disposals – Compared

Product Height Power RPM Noise Capacity Warranty
1. InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal 13.5 inches 1.0 HP 1725 RPM Ultra Quiet 40 oz. 10 yrs.
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2. InSinkErator PRO1100XL Pro Series Garbage Disposal 13 inches 1.1 HP 1725 RPM Ultra Quiet 40 oz. 12 yrs.
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3. InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal 12.1 inches 3/4 HP 1725 RPM Quiet 34.6 oz. 8 yrs.
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4. RINKMO FCD-710 Garbage Disposal 14.6 inches 3/4 HP 4000 RPM Quieter 40 oz. 8 yrs.
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5. Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal 16 inches 1 HP 2800 RPM Quiet 32 oz. 20 yrs.
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Top Quietest Garbage Disposals of 2022 – Reviews

1. InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1 HP Garbage Disposal

  • Quietest disposal unit with advanced SoundSeal technology
  • Strong 1hp capacity induction motor
  • Entirely produced and assembled in the USA
  • Advanced 3-stage multi grinding technology
  • Impacts even the toughest pf food scraps including meat bones
  • Quick-lock mount ensures easy swap installation
  • Expensive
  • Not entirely rust-proof

This is one of the most innovative food waste disposal units currently available in the market. InSinkErator is considered to be US’s #1 food disposer brand. All high-end disposal units form InSinkErator are adorned with the powerful Dura-drive induction motor and advanced noise-reducing technology of the insulated SoundSeal. This 1 HP garbage disposal could arguably be the quietest garbage disposal unit on the market as of today. 

It has been specially built for grinding the toughest of the food scraps including even meat bones. The grinding components are built from alloy stainless steel. The LeakGuard Liner ensures firm durability of the highest grade. Moreover, it has 3-stage multi-grind technology with jam. Such advanced engineering does not give a chance for even the toughest of the food scraps to stand. All these technologically advanced features make this model an easy winner among several competitors in the US market.

The grinding chamber comprises of galvanized steel grinding components. While stainless steel garbage disposals are a tad bit better when it comes to robustness, you could work with galvanized steel just fine for most average to heavy kitchen waste grinding. The capacity of the grinding chamber is of a fair 40 ounce. Another attractive feature of this model is that, unlike many others, it includes a power cord.

The advanced SoundSeal Plus and the collar baffle technique reduce the sound of the machinery. The garbage disposal sound comparison reveals that this model produces almost 60% less sound over any standard unit during functioning. The auto-reverse grinding feature along with the jam-sensor circuit enhances the functionality of the motor torque to up to 500%. It is a continuous feed model.

It comes with a secured warranty period of 10 long years. This time frame is in itself an indicator of the strength and durability of the device. Check our in-depth review of the InSinkErator Evolution Excel

2. InSinkErator PRO1100XL Pro Series 1.1 HP Ultra-Quiet Garbage Disposal

  • SoundSeal technology
  • Multi grinding technology with 3-stage grinding
  • Uses Quiet collar baffle
  • Produces almost 40% less sound when compared with any other standard model
  • A 40-ounce grinding chamber of stainless steel
  • Expensive
  • Occasional instances of frequent jamming

This model too has a Dura-drive induction motor with a generous power of 1.1 hp. This is considered to be the maximum grind machine with minimum noise. You can continue conversations in a normal tone in the same room of the functioning machine.

The advanced SoundSeal technology of the device gives it an ultraquiet approach of grinding. When compared to any other standard model available, this InSinkErator model delivers almost 40% less sound. This model also includes a Quiet Collar sink baffle for effective sound reduction. The combined efforts of SoundSeal technology and Quiet Collar gives a rather silent household garbage disposal unit.

The Multigrind technology with 3-stage grinding helps you to grind even the toughest of the food scraps. The strong build of the machinery delivers a notably quick performance. It also possesses an auto-reverse grinding system for better treatment of the household food scraps.

This machine bears a grinding chamber made of stainless steel. The grinding components are also made from the same alloy. The capacity of the grinding chamber is 40-ounce. This model does not come with a power cord. If it is required, you have to buy it separately.

This 15-pound model is certified frustration-free. It uses a wall switch and requires 120 volts of AC electricity.

This InSinkErator garbage disposal model comes with a long warranty period of 12 years. This time frame is in itself a proof regarding the strength and durability of the product. However, the insurance will not cover, the damages of the natural wear and tear due to regular usage, cosmetic rust or damage from any ignorance or neglect.

3. InSinkErator Evolution Compact ¾ HP Quiet Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

  • Easy swap installation with Quick-lock Mount system
  • Utilizes SoundSeal technology for silent performance
  • High capacity Dura-Drive induction motor
  • 2-Stage multi grind technology for tough food scraps
  • Entirely assembled, invented and designed in the USA
  • Uses plastic stopper
  • Certain instances of leakage

Designed and manufactured by America’s most popular garbage disposal brand, InSinkErator, this model is noted for its space efficiency. Measuring only 12″, it is one of the best low-profile garbage disposals to install in tight cabinets. All the components of this machine are prepared from stainless steel alloy. Moreover, it is also adorned with LeakGuard Liner for even enhanced strength and durability.

It boasts the advanced SoundSeal technology. This helps in less noise production during the functioning of the machine. This one is yet again, considered as one of the quietest garbage disposals on the market. The motor is the powerful Dura-Drive induction motor with a capacity of ¾ hp. It has 2-stage multigrid technology. Even very tough food scraps are also easily crushed by this machine. This technology breaks down even the tough food particles like meat bones and melon rinds into smaller pieces.

The grind chamber capacity is 34.6 ounces with a drain connection of 1-1/2” anti-vibration hose-clamp. The average electricity usage by this disposal unit is 3-4KWh per year. The disposal sports a short overall stature and hence is one of our selections for best compact disposals for deep sinks. 

This model is a well-known quiet garbage disposal unit and has Quick Lock mount system. It helps in easy swap installation. You should exchange your old model with the new model.

This will help you maintain a cleaner kitchen with no build-up. The drains remain clutter-free. Moreover, it is environment-friendly. It noticeably reduces the usage of plastic and controls the waste amount in the landfills.

Being made from galvanized steel, this model of garbage disposal unit of the Evolution series weighs no more than 19.41 pounds. It runs fully on electricity without any requirement of battery.

4. RINKMO FCD-710 ¾ HP Quiet Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

  • Strong and durable with efficient stainless steel grinding
  • Quick-lock mount system
  • Continuous feed model with high-speed grinding technology
  • Comes with positive seal stopper and Splash Proof cover
  • Anti-vibration and enforced sound-proof technology for quieter functioning
  • Not the most powerful disposal 

The RINKMO FCD-710 is noted for the strong and efficient grinding motor of ¾ hp capacity. It is eligible for medium-heavy use for tough scraps. It can efficiently grind vegetable peels, artichokes, fruit pits, cooked meat and fish along with small bone pieces.

As it features advanced sound insulation with strengthened sound-proof technology, it ensures a much quieter functioning when compared to any other standard model. Anti-vibration technology also adorns this model. It further reduces the possibility of noise production.

The external make of the product is of premium grade ABS plastic. The internal grinding components are prepared from especially enforced quality stainless steel for better durability. Not only strong, but these components are also corrosion-resistant.

The high-density Quick-install system ensures easy installation and replacement with simple operation. The bladeless grinding grinds the residue fast to avoid any blockage of the sewer.

The capacity of this model is 40 oz and uses voltage from 110-120 volts. The product does not weigh more than 9.4 lb with the stainless steel cutter head. The size of the machine is 14.6 x 7 inches. The motor runs at a speed of 4000 RPM. 

This device offers a practical solution to food waste disposal. The grinding technology of this particular model breaks down the wastes to superfine particles. It can be easily flushed through the plumbing system directly to the wastewater management system. Moreover, it does not require any expert electrical work during installation.

The large capacity of this continuous feed device keeps the kitchen clean with reduced amount piled up garbage. As this is a continuous feed model, you can add wastes even when the machine is running.

This quiet garbage disposal unit features high-speed permanent magnet motor technology. It ensures fine grinding. It is suitable for most of the families. Moreover, the positive seal stopper and splash-proof cover restrict food splash. It can be removed easily for cleaning without causing any harm to the hands.

5. InSinkErator Evolution Compact Household Garbage Disposal

  • Efficient sound insulation for better sound management
  • Continuous feed model that keeps running while wastes being added
  • 1 hp capacity permanent magnet motor
  • Saves electricity and keeps the environment clean
  • All the components are durable and corrosion-proof
  • Removable splash guard for easy and better cleaning
  • Not suitable for compact areas
  • Occasional instances of leakage

Waste King, as a brand is exponentially growing in the whole garbage disposal space and hence, Waste King disposals are are a go-to choice for most American households. The L-8000 is noted for the strong and high-speed permanent magnet motor of 1 hp capacity, this model is sound-insulated. It jams lesser than any standard model. It can be mounted easily with EZ Mount. The removable splashguard helps for easy cleaning.

One of the major highlights of this model is that it carries a lifetime limited in-home warranty period. As the power cord is pre-installed here, therefore no electrical work is needed. The system is easy and simple plug-in installation. All the grinding components are made of stainless steel. They are compact, durable and lightweight.

This is a continuous feed model. It gets activated by a wall switch. This quiet garbage disposal does its job fast by grinding the food wastes quickly and continuously. Another notable feature of this permanent magnet motor is that it reaches its full speed almost instantly. This reduces the possibility of jams to a considerable extent.

This Waste King model is perfectly safe to be used with a septic tanks. However, if you’re going to, we recommend to compare it other specialized garbage disposals for septic systems. There is a manual reset button which shuts down in case of overload or some rare occasions, jam. The stainless steel swivel impellers reduce the possibility of jamming. Moreover, the glass-filled nylon grind chamber is corrosion-proof.

Study more about the Waste King L-8000 in our dedicated long-term review and compare it with 9980 here

Buying a Quiet Garbage Disposal—A Comprehensive Guide

Marked Benefits of A Quiet Garbage Disposal

Throwing the leftovers of foods and piling up the garbage in the kitchen is like giving an open invitation to the germs and bacteria. The best possible way to avoid this is to install one of the modern garbage disposal units. They will efficiently grind and crush all the food particles finely so that they can easily pass through the sewerage line without blocking it.

Although these machines can deftly keep your kitchen clean and clutter-free, the noise of them has always been a matter of concern for the users. Most of the garbage disposal units produce irritating noise while functioning. This causes a lot of inconveniences and disturbances. Therefore, it is better to opt for a silent model.

These models are recent developments in this genre. Soundproof technology adorns these models. These quiet garbage disposal units fulfil the functions without producing too much noise. So, installing one such model will not cause too much disturbance or inconvenience. An average unit produces around 80 dB noise. The newer and advanced units with soundproof technology produce sound from 25 dB to 45 dB.

Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Quiet Garbage Disposal

1. Construction Material

As the garbage disposal unit will mostly remain exposed to water and dampness, therefore the construction material should be taken into consideration. It is better, that the grinding chamber is made from anti-corrosive material like stainless steel. This alloy is lightweight and adds strength and durability to the machine. Galvanized steel is also a good choice for that matter. This alloy is also sturdy and durable.

As the garbage disposal unit will mostly remain exposed to water and dampness, therefore the construction material should be taken into consideration. It is better, that the grinding chamber is made from anti-corrosive material like stainless steel. This alloy is lightweight and adds strength and durability to the machine. Galvanized steel is also a good choice for that matter. This alloy is also sturdy and durable.

2. Power and RPM

The main idea of a garbage disposal unit is to finely grind the food wastes so that they can easily pass through the sewerage. So, the capacity of the motor should be competent enough to perform the task. The better the capacity of the motor, the enhanced the RPM. The motor capacity of garbage disposal ranges from 1/2hp, ¾ hp or 1 hp. With better efficiency, the chance is better, that even the toughest of the food scraps will not stand a chance.

Everything will be finely ground and crushed with ease within a matter of seconds. A high powered motor will utilize less time for better delivery. This will also reduce the possibility of irritating noise production for a longer duration.

3. Sound Masking Systems

SoundSeal Technology is the most popular in this genre. With the advent of better insulation and sound masking technologies, the garbage disposal units have become much quieter in recent days. Any standard garbage disposal model produces a noise of around 80 dB. But the modern range of quietest garbage disposals produces a noise of no more than 45 dB. These machines are better insulated and produce less vibration. Lesser levels of vibration also reduce the tendency of high noise production.

Too much of noise creates a lot of disturbances and hampers natural human conversation. But with these soundproof models, all these problems do not stand a chance.

4. Feed Type

Most of the garbage disposal units are continuous feed type. This allows you to keep on adding the food wastes even while the machine is running. The models which are not continuous feed type are known as batch feed type. These types of machines do not allow loading during functioning. Once the machine is fully laden, it will run when the switch is turned on. Once that batch is completed only then you can add the second load. But most of the batch feed models run the risk of getting overloaded. The continuous feed types have a lesser chance of the occurrence of this sort of problem.

5. Warranty

Most of the garbage disposal units, quiet range or not, come with a lenient warranty period. The term of this warranty ranges from 7-10 years depending on the make and model of the machine. There are even some units available that have a lifelong limited in-home warranty period. Brands like InSinkErator and Waste King lead the market with the most generous warranty periods. 

However, whatever the time period of the warranty may be, it does not cover the damage caused by the natural wear and tear or cosmetic corrosion, or damages caused by your negligence or mistake while installing, replacing or merely using the product.

While buying, the warranty period should be considered. The term of the warranty is in itself an indicator of the durability of the product.


The above discussion makes it is clear that installing an efficient garbage disposal unit has become a necessity. It not only keeps the kitchen look clean but also keeps it free from germs and bacteria. Moreover, garbage disposals are environment-friendly too. It cuts the possibility of landfills with wastes. These are way better than garbage bags.

The current advanced units are more convenient to use because of their sound masking technologies. With less sound, there is less disturbance, but the efficiency of the unit is not compromised. There are several models of quiet garbage disposals. It is up to the user which one to choose considering all the pros and cons before installation.

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