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Best waste king garbage disposals

If you’ve been making rounds to the kitchen trash can to dump off your countertop waste all while prepping meals, you might want to reconsider opting for a virtuous garbage disposal. By installing a food waste disposal under your sink, you not only ensure a pleasant time in the kitchen but also reduce environmental hazards by helping in reducing waste in landfills thereby participating in a much bigger cause. Food waste which decomposes anaerobically in landfills generates poisonous greenhouse gases like methane, which can cause many health hazards to humans as well as marine and plant lives. 

A garbage disposal has to be installed under a kitchen sink and connected to the outgoing drainage pipes. It actually breaks the food components into tiny pieces which makes food waste much easier to go through the pipes and also to process in waste processing systems in an appropriate manner. Most of the American households own a good garbage disposal to contribute to a healthier environment and a trouble-free clean up. 

Brands like Waste King, InSinkErator, Moen are very popular for making great garbage disposals. If you’re yet to narrow down your options to one brand, you may check our compilation of the best garbage disposals for farmhouse sink across different manufacturers. Anyway, differentiating between these popular brands can get troublesome. However, if upon pondering, you are set on a waste king garbage disposal, we’re concurrent on that thought. Waste king garbage disposals are our favorites for not one but many reasons. In this waste king garbage disposal review, we’ve put together a list of our top 5 waste king garbage disposals based on their performance, durability and cost effectiveness. 

Comparison Table

Product Height Power RPM Noise Capacity Warranty
1. Waste King L-8000 Garbage Disposal 16 Inches 1.0 HP 2800 Quiet 33.5 oz. Limited lifetime
Check Price
2. Waste King 9980 Garbage Disposal 16 Inches 1.0 HP 2,800 Quiet 33.5 oz. Limited lifetime
Check Price
3. Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal 14.5 inches 3/4 HP 2,700 Standard 33.5 oz. 10 Yrs. Limited
Check Price
4. Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal 13.75 inches 3/4 HP 2,700 Quiet 33.5 oz. 8 Yrs. Limited
Check Price
5. Waste King L-2600 Garbage Disposal 13.5 inches 1/2 HP 2600 Quiet 27.3 oz. 5 Yrs. Limited
Check Price

Waste King Garbage Disposal Reviews 2022​

1. Waste King L-8000 1 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

  • Includes stainless steel corrosion-proof  components.
  • 1 Horsepower makes the operation quick and easy.
  •  Strong durable motor ensures smooth and hassle-free operation.
  • Comes with a 32 inch power cord and all the necessary hardware.
  • Specially designed to handle load for big families.
  • Installation can be tough for inexperienced users.
  • Pricier than some models on this list 

The Waste King L-8000 1- HP garbage disposal is a heavy-duty model that easily handles any load. The 2,800 RPM high-speed energy-efficient motor with 1 Horsepower makes daily waste grinding a success in no time. The permanent magnet motor technology is specially designed to get full speed immediately without any jams whatsoever.

The grinders and impellers are made of rust-proof stainless steel and are protected in a polymer grind chamber to make the food waste grinding process hassle-free. The grinding components are totally corrosion-resistant which ensures noise-free operation of the product with life-long durability. (Browse more garbage disposals with stainless steel grinding components).

The rotating impellers smoothly cut the food components into very little pieces so it can pass through the pipes easily and process causing any harm to the environment. While the high-quality impellers do their job, a splash guard carries all the messes to the polymer grind chamber, leaving your sink totally untouched.

This Waste King L-8000 1- HP garbage disposal includes a 32 inch power cord along with all the necessary hardware required for installation. It’s easy and quick to install under a kitchen sink or a septic tank.

The compact and sleek design of the Waste King garbage disposal enable it to fit perfectly under any kitchen sink or even septic tanks. It also goes well with small spaces and helps you to save more space under the sink for storage purposes.

Wondering how long the warranty works? The Waste King L-8000 1- HP comes with a lifetime warranty which gives full protection against component corrosion or unit defects. So you don’t need to worry about spending time and money on the maintenance as you will get life-long free service at-home if any issues take place with the garbage disposal. (Read full Waste king L-8000 review). 

2. Waste King 9980 1 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

  •  Heavy-duty motor makes the operation smooth and quick.
  • Includes a pre-installed power-cord.
  • Stainless steel components makes the product very durable.
  • Provides completely quiet operation.
  • Affordable yet best-quality product.
  • Waste guard cannot be removed.
  • Challenging for home installation.

The Waste King 9980 garbage disposal is powered with a 1 Horsepower 2800 RPM motor which works like a dream. The high-quality permanent magnet motor allows to grind the food components without creating any noise. It also prevents any possible jams. The Waste King 9980 closely resembles the Legend 8000 with only a few differences

The corrosion-resistant stainless steel components make this garbage disposal a very durable product. The lightweight design makes this garbage disposal perfect to manage daily load. The grind chamber contains the messes so you don’t need to waste any time cleaning the sink.

The compact structure of the Waste King 9800 1 HP requires small space and easy installation. It includes a pre-installed power cord. So, it doesn’t need any added electrical work to be done.

This simple to use garbage disposal activates by a wall switch. With supreme-quality motor and heavy-duty components, it continues to grind the food waste without any interruption. Also, the insulated grind chamber ensures completely quiet grinding process so you can have nice and meaningful conversations standing beside the kitchen sink without any noise coming up.

This Waste King 9980 model is perfect for you if you are on a budget. This is an affordable product which ensures best performance so that you don’t have to compromise on the quality.

3. Waste King L-3300 ¾ HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

  • Comes with replaceable splash guard.
  • 3/4 Horsepower is perfect to use in most of the home kitchens.
  • Protected with a 10 year warranty.
  • Provides quiet operation.
  • Has continuous feed disposal mechanism.
  • Can be overpowering and pricey.

The Waste King L-3300 Garbage Disposal comes with a 3/4 Horsepower motor that can be used for both medium and regular use.

The corrosion-resistant grind chamber is made out of glass-filled nylon that gives a smooth and quiet performance. The impellers and grinders are all stainless steel components which confirms life-long durability of the model.

The L-3300 is powered with a 2700 RPM high-speed motor which effortlessly breaks the solid or raw foods and turn them into a semi- liquid matter, which can smoothly process through pipes and municipal waste systems. The permanent magnet motor system allows to have a noise-free function.

The continuous feed technology of the Waste King L-3300 model makes the food grinding process very efficient every time. It also comes with a removable splash guard for hassle-free cleaning.

The L-3300 model has a 10 year warranty that ensures at-home and completely free services against unit or material defects. This span of warranty is totally worth it compared to the price of the product. So, for 10 years, you don’t have to spend any money if rare defects take place.

This Waste King garbage disposal comes with a safety button, which immediately turns off the machine if there is an overload or any jam.

The L-3300 model includes an excellent power cord and it requires absolutely zero electrical work to be done for the installation.

4. Waste King L-3200 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

  • Made from corrosion-resistant and rust-proof stainless steel components.
  • Includes a removable splash guard for easy cleaning.
  • Powerful motor with high-speed technology.
  • Comes with 8 years of warranty.
  • Includes a power cord and needs no electrical task to be done.
  • Provides effortless and quiet performance.
  • Can be difficult to install.
  • Needs manual pressure to hold food scraps.

The Waste King L-3200 comes with 3/4 Horsepower and a 2700 RPM high-speed motor which makes your worries regarding food waste disposal a thing of the past. With an outstanding 2700 RPM motor, this garbage disposal operates quickly and grinds the food components in just some minutes. This permanent magnet motor also provides a jam-less operation without producing any noise. So, you will have quick and optimal results and save more time. 

The compact and lightweight design of L-3200 allow it to fit into small kitchen cabinets perfectly. The diameter of this model is 7-3/4 inches, and it’s only 13-3/4 inches long, which enables it to be placed anywhere. Also, as L-3200 has just 8.6 lbs of weight, it’s easier and more convenient for the installation.

The grinding components are made of premium stainless steel for total protection against rust and corrosion, and it also ensures the long-lasting performance of this garbage disposal. This model comes with a removable splash guard to make the cleaning process easy and problem-free. 

The L-3200 features EZ mount technology for a quick and hassle-free installation. Also, you are getting a power cord along with the product so you can install it without the need of any electrical job. 

Any product you buy can develop certain malfunction due to your carelessness or unit defects. In those situations, only a long warranty could make your life easier by taking care of the defected product. That’s why all of the Waste King garbage disposals come with long warranty periods. And the L-3200 model has 8 years of warranty which makes it a steal deal.

5. Waste King L-2600 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord

  • Perfect for light to medium use.
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty.
  • Includes a pre-installed power cord.
  • The continuous feed disposal contribute to efficient and quick usage.
  • Compact and lightweight size is great for small kitchen sink cabinets.
  • Contains a plastic hopper.
  • Not useful enough for big families and daily use.

If your family has a lower waste disposal requirement than the average household and you’re looking for a correspondingly lower priced variant, it doesn’t get any better than the Waste King L- 2600. Priced modestly, this unit also has compact built. Hence, the L-2600 is also a decent low-profile garbage disposal for deep sinks. Powered with a 2600 RPM motor, this garbage disposal works like magic in no time. The 1/2 Horsepower is perfect for most of the home settings for low to medium workload. The permanent magnet motor works efficiently and takes care of the food scraps with a jam-less function. Also, it doesn’t produce any noise while operating.

The grinding chamber is made out of glass-filled nylon which is completely corrosion-proof and rust-free. And the grinders and blades are made from high-quality stainless steel to give you a long-lasting performance with ease. The L-2600 model has a continuous feed disposal mechanism which is turned on by a wall switch. This type of disposal operates quickly and saves valuable time.

The Waste King L-2600 comes with EZ mount system to ensure a quick and hassle-free sink installation. That enables even first time users to install this without any problem. It also includes an 36 inches long pre-installed power cord as necessary hardware. 

Waste king L-2600 comes with 5 years of warranty. So, it is going to take care of all the rare defects which can appear due to regular use and carelessness. This warranty also covers any unit defects and give you totally free at-home service.

Waste king Garbage Disposal – Buying Guide​

How to Know If You Need a Garbage Disposal​

1. Assess Your Requirements

Before selecting the suitable garbage disposal for your kitchen, you should invest time to think how much food waste does your family produce. For that, you have to consider what types of foods do you consume, how many members are there in your family and also, how often do you cook.

Garbage disposals come in a varied range based on horsepower, components, size, capacity and price. If your family produces much waste that you need to use a garbage disposal more often, you should be getting one with a finest quality motor and good horsepower. If there are 3- 4 members in your family who cook often, you should consider buying a supreme-quality garbage disposal having a strong motor with at least 3/4 to 1 horsepower.

But, if your family consists of 2-3 people who do not cook regularly, you may go for a garbage disposal which is meant for medium or light use having lesser horsepower.

What types of foods you are wasting also play an important role in choosing the right garbage disposal. For solid foods such as veggies, fruits, raw fish and meat – the power and efficiency are some vital points to keep in mind. Also, you should buy a garbage disposal having 2-3 stage grinding process which can turn the solid food waste components into liquid so that it can effortlessly process through the pipes of your kitchen. But, for soft foods like cereals, fish, slurry food, cooked meat, the disposal don’t have to buy a high-powered one.

Waste King garbage disposals have an average price range of over 100 dollars for 1 HP or 3/4 HP. If your requirements are not that much, you can easily have a disposal under 80-85 dollars with lesser horsepower and a warranty from 5 to 8 years.

This Waste King garbage disposal review allows you to check all of the best-quality products which consist a great variety of motor, power, and sizes so that you can pick one according to your needs.

2. If Or Not You Use a Septic System

If you use a septic system, you need to pay more attention to select garbage disposals which are suitable for a septic system. In the septic tank where all the wastewater from your house gets in, the solid matter is separated from the floating matter. But because the food waste components are not cut into small pieces, the waste from your kitchen heavily increases the solid matters in a septic tank which causes dysfunction.

So, using a good garbage disposal which is compatible with a septic system, takes care of the food waste without causing any harm to the septic system.

3. If You’re Often Faced with a Blocked Sink Drain

This is probably the most significant indication that you need to buy a garbage disposal. The reason why the food you are wasting cannot go through the outgoing pipe of your kitchen can be the type of food or the amount of waste production.

The solid foods like fruits and vegetables or raw food require a lot of time to decompose. Also, no matter how wide your kitchen pipes are, these type of foods get clogged into the pipe often and you have to properly clean it whenever it happens.

But, a good garbage disposal liquefies the solid food components so that the pipes of your kitchen can work properly and you can get some relief.

Waste King Garbage Disposals Are Particularly Known For ​

1. Compact Build

All the Waste King Garbage Disposals are specially designed to be compact and lightweight. One may think that with high-quality components, the disposal is meant to be heavy. But that’s just not the case with Waste King disposals.

The compact build of Waste King disposals allows it to fit in small spaces. So, you don’t need to have a big space under the sink in order to install a garbage disposal. You would see having always a little bit of extra space under the sink after the installation. The free space can be used to store other necessary products.

2. Sturdy Construction

Waste King disposals are known to be heavy-duty models. They come with a strong motor which handles loads very easily. The impellers and grinders are made out of rust-proof stainless steel. All the components are corrosion-resistant to make sure that the product lasts long.

Most of the Waste King garbage disposals are covered with long warranty which provides you to have at-home and completely fred service if any problem takes place with the disposal.

3. Varied Power Range

Each and every family has different needs. If your family doesn’t produce much food waste, you don’t have to buy a a very high-powered garbage disposal as it will not be required for daily use. A medium or low powered one will work for you. But if you come to know that a good amount of food waste is produced by your family on a daily basis, you need to consider installing a garbage disposal with a high-power technology as it is going to handle heavy loads more often.

As the Waste King garbage disposals come in an extensive variety, from 1 HP disposals to  3/4 and even 1/2 HP, all you have to do is to pick one according to your needs and live a worry free life.

4. Come with a Power Cord

The garbage disposals by Waste King come with a long power cord, which is an important hardware that you need to buy separately in case of the other brands. This is one of the biggest distinctions when comparing the industry leaders, the InSinkErator and Waste King

Because these products include a power cord, you don’t need to do any electrical work to install the product. That’s why the installation of Waste King garbage disposals are way easier and could be done by inexperienced users.

5. Quiet Performance

Garbage disposals by other brands may create some terrible noises while working. If a particular product is causing such disturbance, you should probably think of getting a new one. While waste king disposals are decently quiet, there are quieter garbage disposals on the market that you could opt for if noise is one of your prime concerns. 

Noise-free operation is one of the best qualities of Waste King disposals. The high-quality components of the products are completely corrosion-proof so that no sound is produced while they are working. This quiet operation not only doubles the durability of the product, but it also allows you to spend a good undisturbed time in your kitchen while the garbage disposals are on duty cleaning up everything.

Factors To Consider While A Waste King Garbage Disposal​

1. Size

One of the most important highlights of Waste King disposals are their compact sizes. These garbage disposals are very flexible in terms of fitting in smaller spaces. Inspite of having powerful mechanism, waste king disposals are very lightweight which further facilitates installation and repair work. 

Waste King produces smaller sized disposals compared to other brands which require a tiny space under your sink and you can use the extra room in the sink cabinet to place other products. So, stop delaying the purchase of a garbage disposal thinking that your kitchen doesn’t have enough space and choose from the wide collection of Waste King garbage disposals.

2. Motor Power and RPM

Motor Power and RPM manage the whole grinding process of the food waste. The Waste King disposals come with a strong high-speed motor which makes the operation quick and smooth. It also ensures the durability of the product.

The speed of the motors range between 2800 RPM to 2600 RPM. This enables the garbage disposal to grind the food waste components in lesser time. The solid foods which take much time in other disposals, just require a couple of minutes in a Waste King disposal. The powerful motors are also energy-efficient so that you don’t have to be tensed about the electric bill whenever you use the product.

3. Septic System Friendly

Can one use a garbage disposal if he has a septic system? The answer is yes. But, you have to take all the necessary precautions and preventive measures before installing a garbage disposal as it can heavily increase the amount of solid particles in the septic tank. And when the solid particles grow immensely, the septic tank starts to have some uncanny dysfunctions.

But, many of the Waste King garbage disposals go well with a septic system without causing any trouble to the septic tank. Waste king L-8000, waste king 9980 and waste king L-2600 are popular models on the brand’s catalogue that are septic friendly. 

4. Feed Type

Garbage disposals are fundamentally differentiated based on their feed type. Some classify as batch feed type while others are continuous feed garbage disposals. Both have their respective pros and cons. We’ve thoroughly compared both feed type garbage disposals in our ‘batch feed vs continuous feed garbage disposals’ write-up. There’s a general inclination of people towards continuous feed disposals due to their higher overall grinding capacity in contrast to batch feed disposals. The continuous feed allows to grind the food waste in an undisturbed manner. While batch feed disposals are supposed to be fed in batches. 

Most of the Waste King disposals have a continuous feed mechanism which is easier and more efficient. However, there are products with batch feed technology to suit your every need.

5. Noise Level

The noise level of a garbage disposal often gets overlooked. While it is universally known that garbage disposals are noisy but there should certainly be a threshold to the noise produced while the disposal functions. Brands often communicate the noise levels for their models. This information could be of importance for you, if you or members in your family are sensitive to excessive noise. 

Waste King garbage disposals operate in a quiet way because of their corrosion-proof components which also ensure great durability. The noise might indicate a slight disturbance in your garbage disposal. But, if you are having a Waste King one in your kitchen, these problems don’t even occur. You can enjoy a smooth operation without any noise whatsoever.

6. Installation

Installation of garbage disposals can be a hectic task to perform. But not with a Waste King garbage disposal.

The models comes with a long power cord, so no need of extra electric work. Also, some models include all the necessary hardware to perform an installation all by yourself. It cuts off the extra money that you could have spent to buy hardware separately. The models come with easy to understand manual which makes it super easy to install a garbage disposal under your sink.

7. Warranty

When you are investing on a garbage disposal, you have to think about span of warranty of the product. A warranty not only secures the product, it also cuts short the expenses which are spent in the maintenance of the product. You will have free at-home services if any problem occurs with the garbage disposal.

Waste King garbage disposals include a great span of warranty depending on the model and of course, the price.

Here’s a list of popular waste king garbage disposals models with their warranty periods –

  1. Waste King L- 8000 1 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – Lifetime Warranty 
  2. Waste King L- 3200 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – 8 years Warranty 
  3. Waste King L- 3300 3/4 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – 10 years Warranty 
  4. Waste King L- 2600 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal with Power Cord – 5 years Warranty


Installing a garbage disposal under your sink could drastically change the overall functionality of your kitchen. But sadly, as with most other kitchen essentials, the garbage disposal domain is saturated with a plethora of brands and models. This might make finding a worthy garbage disposal a challenging task for anyone who has limited information about the specifics. 

In this waste king garbage disposal review, we’ve tried to be as thorough as possible with the sole intent of guiding you to the most appropriate waste king garbage disposal for your kitchen corresponding to your budget and requirements. All the waste king garbage disposals that made it to our selections are genuinely some of the best out there. Further, waste king disposals are known for cost-effective and rather durable for their cost. These factors make them one of the best options in 2022. 

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