Waste King Legend 8000: In-depth Review

waste king l8000 review

The Waste King Legend 8000 is a revolutionary product from Waste King that has set the bar a little high for its competitors to match. Integrated with durable components and an ergonomic design, it is definitely the product the product that will meet your waste disposal needs perfectly. There are some drastic changes in terms of the motor’s performance and the feed disposal mechanism that adds to the overall efficient performance of the waste king legend 8000.

The number one reason as to why you need to consider Waste King for a garbage disposal is the service and the generous warranty that they provide with their products, helping you save a lot of money and time. The overall build quality of the product is also good. Well there are several other reasons as to why we recommend the Waste King L-8000 disposal. We discuss them all in this waste king legend 8000 review.

Waste King Legend 8000 Review

Waste King Legend 8000 In-depth Review
SpecificationsWaste King L-8000
Series NameL8000
Height (inches)16
Voltage (Volts)115
Grinding Speed (RPM)2800
Disposal Horsepower1 HP
Grind Chamber Capacity (oz.)32
Grind Chamber MaterialStainless Steel
MotorPermanent Magnet Motor
Noise LevelQuiet (Refer below)
Dishwasher Drain ConnectionYes
Warranty20 Years


  • Extremely powerful motor of 1HP
  • Very easy to set up
  • Lifetime Warranty. It’s unbelievable.
  • Very quiet compared to other garbage disposal with power in motor.
  • The products seems extremely well built to withstand anything that’s thrown into your sink.


  • The unit is a bit taller, so there is less room under the sink.
  • The splash guard that comes with it feels tight when shoving food down it (though it helps with splashing)

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Top Garbage Disposals Comparison Table

1. American Standard ASD-1250
1.25 HP
2800 RPM
15.5 inches
32 oz.
10 yrs.
Check Price
2. Waste King L-8000
1.0 HP
2800 RPM
16 inches
32 oz.
20 yrs.
Check Price
3. Moen GXS75C GX Series
3/4 HP
2700 RPM
13.4 inches
30.8 oz.
5 yrs.
Check Price
4. InSinkErator Evolution Excel
1 HP
1725 RPM
12 inches
40 oz.
7 yrs.
Check Price
5. InSinkErator Badger 5
1/2 HP
1725 RPM
11.5 inches
26 oz.
3 yrs.
Check Price

Why to buy Waste king l-8000 Garbage Disposal

Features of Waste King L 8000 Review

1. Stainless steel grinding components

There are a lot of components that are similar to other garbage disposals in the Waste king L-8000 waste disposal, but the focus is on what kind of components goes into making them. The grinding components are the integral part of the device and the components should be built in such a way that, they are able to take the continuous grinding and withstand the hardness of the waste that they grind. This is where waste king L-8000 integrated the stainless-steel grinding component. This very feature will make sure that the waste disposal will be able to grind any kind of waste fed into it and also make sure that it does not rust soon.

If you’re looking for other stainless steel garbage disposals, you can check our review here.

2. Powerful Motor

The second most integral part of the Waste King Legend 8000 disposer is the motor that is used to grind the waste that is fed into the waste disposal. Waste King have put in a lot of efforts into making sure that the motor that they have used in the Waste King L-8000 has the best performance efficiency and durability.

The motor has a capacity of 1 HP (750W) that is more than enough to grind whole wastes into pieces and shreds. With this specification the Waste King Legend 8000 will be a perfect fit for all types of domestic and commercial setups. You may find more powerful alternatives in our detailed review of domestic waste disposals. The motor rotates at a maximum speed of 2800 rpm to make sure that the waste gets grinded at a very fast rate and this is the number one reasons as to why you can prevent jamming with the waste king Legend 8000. This is indeed a powerful performing motor when you compare the waste king with its competitors in the market. With the motor so powerful, it will only take a rough 5 minutes to dispose all kind of waste fed into the waste disposal. You could further amp up with the regards to the motor power if corresponding increase in noise is not a concern or you. The American Standard ASD-1250 is rated at 1.25 HP of motor motor and can more quickly grind through larger portions of sink waste.

3. Continuous Feed Disposal

This is one of the other features that would make you buy the waste king l-8000, the continuous feed disposal. With the continuous feed disposal feature you can grind the food waste continuously while the device is operating. This is one feature that will help you save time in making sure that all the waste is grinded properly. You can activate the continuous feed disposal by flipping the wall switch near the sink cabin. This feature will also help you in making sure that all the wastes get grinded effectively and faster when compared to other waste disposals in the market. 

4. Generous Warranty Period

This is one of the major points that you are going to be talking about especially when you are looking forward to an investment on a device like a garbage disposal. The waste king Legend 8000 comes with a Limited in-house lifetime warranty that is pretty much very rare to see in any kinds of products these days. This is by far the best warranty that you can get in the market. There might be a common misunderstanding that the company can evade from warranty issues especially with a limited life-time warranty, but the customers who have purchased the waste king legend-8000 find nothing about to complain with regard to the warranty.

Why your Waste king l-8000 Garbage Disposal isn’t the best

Waste King Legend 8000 In-depth Review

1. Noise

Well, the most common problem or query that comes up with the waste king legend 8000 is the noise that it makes when it operates. It is pretty evident to understand the fact that Waste King comes at a pretty comfortable price point and has got all the bells and whistles needed to make sure that your waste disposal is done perfectly. The only compromise that the waste king legend 8000 has adjusted to is the noise that it creates while operation and this is highly justifiable with regards to the price point that they offer. Including noise cancelling technology into the waste king legend 8000 at such a price point will turn horrible for the companies profits and that is the number one reason as to why one has to compromise on noise when it comes to the waste king legend-8000. If noise is an issue and you can work with a lesser powerful disposal, the inexpensive Insinkerator Badger 5 coming in at 1/2 HP should do the trick for you!

2. Large Size

Now when you are talking about daily usage and especially huge chunks of food waste, it is very ideal to have a garbage disposal of 8.5 inches in width and 16 inches in height. Because the bigger the garbage disposal, the better the waste disposal process is. The large size is pretty much ideal to the work that the waste king legend-8000 is undertaking to make sure that all the waste gets disposed off effectively and faster. On the downside, you may find it difficult to disassemble the unit to remove broken glass and other concerning fragments of waste.

Taking into consideration the heavy 1 HP motor, the grinding speeds and the overall build of the device. It is highly fair that the device is huge. It is always important to know the design specs of devices like a waste disposal before you actually buy it. So, if you are considering the waste king legend-8000, it is better to know whether your kitchen cabinet can accommodate that big of a device.


The Waste King Legend 8000 is definitely a worthful buy especially if you are looking forward to continuous and powerful usage. The disposal fits easily with most stainless steel kitchen sinks and the price and features with which it comes is definitely an honest price valuation and with limited life time in-house warranty, it seems like a legit offer to consider.

The previous buyers are all praises for the product on online platforms and it only seems fair to see neglectable amount of negative reviews on the product.

Overall, a sturdy product with necessary features from Waste king with an price valuation that you can work around with on a minimal budget.

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